Stress/Property Measurements for Geotechnics
Rapid advancement of computer applications to engineering work on the surface of the earth has prevailed. In contrast computer applications to underground earthwork have been left behind the advancements made on the surface. This is due to formidable difficulties in the measurement of two basic inputs required for in-situ computer optimization of earthwork, i.e., stress state (S) and material properties (P). This impasse of the past half-century is now totally eliminated by the invention of the Serata Probe, which makes S & P measurements simple, fast, accurate and automatically repeatable. This invention has successfully led to innovation of Serata Stress Technology (SST) as a practical means of earthwork optimization.
The innovation has opened a new era of earthwork optimization by having in-situ stress/property measurement made direct and instantaneous on site in real-time. The Probe reduces the work requirements for S & P measurements by a factor of at least 100 to 1000 depending upon conditions of the ground. You are welcome to try our Probe by lease arrangement with SST backup. Details are explained in this site as follows.
1. Overview of New Era. 1. Mining 1. SST Service Programs
2. Invention of Serata Probe 2. Tunneling 2. Service Package
3. Innovation & Verification of SST 3. Slope, Foundation & Dam 3. Training & Backup Support
4. Earthwork Application Examples 4. Underground Storage 4. Test Preparation
5. Accurate Time-Prediction of Earthquakes 5. Nuclear Waste Storage
6. Global Project Records and References 6. Time Prediction of Earthquake
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